about Dashi-Project

Dashi (Soup stock) is one of the major features of the food culture in Japan. Kagoshima has a high market share and production of the material of the soup stock such as dried bonito, pigs and poultry firms.
The Kingdom of Dashi, Kagoshima project executive committee implements events, academic research, and nutrition education in order to increase popularity and familiarity of Kagoshima soup stock from inside and outside of Japan. We intend to grow local business industries and regional branding.
Members of Kagoshima manufacturing school which bring up future Industrialists are founders. They have started to prepare the project since 2011 along with chefs, experts, people who are involved in production, food processing, distribution and tourism. Learning dashi tour in Makurazaki(famous for dried bonito)was held in June 2012. Chicken soup Cultural Studies Association was performed in December. Dashi forum and Umami Mall Kagoshima was also held in January 2013. The bullet train made Kagoshima more accessible therefore we have done educational activities all over the country in various occasions.

With the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we have worked on product development toward overseas, promotion and sales channel development since October 2013. “Japanese food” is registered in the World Intangible Heritage so we have started promoting activities to the world in Milan Expo 2015 with the theme of food.
Companies which participating in the project are dried bonito manufacturing company, poultry firm, restaurants provides dashi menu, soy sauce manufacturing company, black vinegar manufacturing company, fish cake manufacturing company, sweets manufacturing company, resort hotels and tea manufacturing company. It is spread to about 20 companies.

The Kingdom of Dashi, Kagoshima project group intend to provide web site to introduce Dashi soup stock toward foreign countries in the near future. Please look forward to it!

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